So you wanna see how I fumble through these diets, huh? Well you’ve come to the right place! I’m not going to stop until I’ve experienced each one and I’ll let you know EXACTLY how it all went down.

Keto Day 2

I didn’t wake up starving like I usually do, so my three boiled eggs lasted through my 20 minute drive to work. Once at my desk, I craved something other than water to drink. Now, I am not a coffee freak, but I do enjoy a sweet cup of French vanilla…I guess that’s not happening today. I had to fight through the cup without sugar and even though it was flavored French vanilla, it wasn’t as tasty as I wanted it to be. I added 4tsp of creamer which totaled 4g of my precious, precious carbs for this? Drinking the bland cup was making me hungry so I ate my three eggs and powered on trying not to think of what giving up added sugar really meant.

Lunchtime rolled around and I was eager: leftovers from last night, yum! I mopped that down with 8 ounces of crystal light… the water was boring me. Not a bad lunch for a diet!

Stress at work caused me to have a half of a whiskey shot when I got home, but other than that, my lunch of leftovers from the previous night served me well. I didn’t get hungry til around 9. I had a mini girls night at my cousin’s house so Keto-friendly food was lacking, but the liquor was plentiful! I ate Three Pinwheel sandwiches (bad I know but it was the only thing available!), drank a Pepsi Max Zero, my new favorite, and had my fair share of Hennessy.

Overall, not my best day of sticking to the routine. I was over my Carbs by almost double thanks to those pinwheels (I ended at 63g and I should be staying at or under 33g) yet I managed to end the day with 163 calories remaining. I realized that I’m going to have to get better at eating on the go or while socializing if this is going to work. I had some weak moments today but I’ll recover, 28 more days to go.

Keto Day 1